KPT 5 Jewel Tutorial

You will need Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Kai's Power Tools 5, and blade pro for this tutorial. You'll need to be familiar with the basics of Paint Shop Pro and layers for this tutorial.

Here is the jewel you will be making:

Open a new image size 100 X 100, on a transparent background. We'll use this color blue for this tutorial:

Foreground = RGB 63, 105, 129

1. Use your selection tool and set your tool controls to circle with antialias checked. Draw a circle size 68 x 68 and flood fill with the blue. Keep the circle selected.

2. Click on "image" "plug-in filters" and "KPT" "Shapeshifter". You will see this screen:

3. (My settings have already been set up as I used a preset, but you will need to adjust yours.) So the first thing you'll want to do is change your environment picture to the cool kitchen which should be located on your cd. Refer to the image below for the settings:

Notice I have the plastic button enabled and that my color underneath is very dark (if you place your mouse on the color, you will see a slider bar to adjust it).

4. Next you'll want to choose your 3-D lighting. Refer to the images below for the settings:

5. Click on the checkmark to accept the lighting change.

6. Now you can adjust your bevel scale and bevel height to suit you. Here are the settings I've used:

7. Adjust your transparency by sliding the bar all the way to the right (this is my preference). You can add drop shadows if you prefer, but I don't use them because I will save my jewel on a transparent background and prefer to add the shadows as I use them if needed:

8. Now make sure you have "None" selected as your bump map.

9. That's it for the settings. If you'd like to save your KPT settings for your jewel, refer to my KPT Saving Presets Tutorial. Otherwise, click on the checkmark located at the bottom of your KPT screen as shown below:

Your jewel should look like this:

10. Now you can save the button in .psp format. Keep the jewel selected. We are ready to add a border, but first you'll need to add some layers. Name your current layer "jewel" and add a new layer named "jewel border" and place it underneath your "jewel" layer. Make a third layer and name it "background" and place it at the very bottom. Your layers palette should look like this:

11. Make sure your "jewel" layer is selected and click on "selections" "modify" and "expand" by 7 pixels. Your image should look like this:

12. Select your "jewel border layer" and flood fill with white like this:

13. Apply your favorite Blade Pro preset or whatever you want for your jewel. Now you can deselect your image. Save your original jewel with the layers intact so you can use different backgrounds or colorize the jewel etc. You can add drop shadows to the jewel itself or the border if you wish also. You'll need to merge and flatten your layers once you have your background made and are ready to use it. Here is your completed jewel:

Here are some variations of the same jewel:

I adjusted the hue and saturation on the first two. The third one was just colorized. The possibilities are endless. If you just want to use the jewel and add it to a ding, you can delete the background layer and then "merge" your "visible layers" and copy and paste the jewel onto your ding.

Have fun and experiment a little!! :)


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